Live Broadcast Your Next Event!

live broadcasting

Why Live Broadcast?

Attendance has always been the focus of live events. But with the changing world, reaching your audience is now the new focus. What if you could reach an even larger audience than your event space can hold? You can do this with a live broadcast of your event.

Why Choose Us

Full HD Quality

When cable internet is available we can broadcast your event in Full HD.

5G Remote Broadcast

Using 5G cellular service we can broadcast your event where cable internet is not available.

Live Switching

With multiple cameras our producer can switch between views, slides and commercials.


Broadcasters are standing by to provide commentary of your event to keep your audience engaged.

During the pandemic in September of 2020 Chicago Producers was asked to live broadcast the Grand Opening of Hope Manor Village, an affordable housing community for Veterans and their families. This was a two camera live broadcast.

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